Battle Of The Subcompacts, The P365 VS The Hellcat

The SIG P365 and the Springfield Hellcat are incredibly close in both dimensions and aesthetic. The P365 comes in at an overall length on 5.8” with the Hellcat measuring in at an even 6”. They are both even at 1” in overall width, and the weight difference, unloaded, is only .1 ounces. The P365 weighed in at 17.8 ounces and the Hellcat at 17.9. In terms of capacity, both are pretty impressive for their size. You can get an extended 15 round magazine for the P365, and the Hellcat offers an extended 13 round magazine. The average cost of the two firearms is also comparable, both retail just over $500 but I’ve seen some P365s closer to $475.

My goal here was to set politics to the side and simply look at how these two firearms compared and performed. For the most part they really seem to be comparable in almost every way. I think in terms of overall ergonomics and controls I’d give the Hellcat a slight edge. The Hellcat felt a little better in my grip than the P365 and I do like some of the small details such as the finger indentations and texturing on the Hellcat’s frame. They are pretty even in terms of recoil, I felt like the P365 was a little snappier with slightly more muzzle flip, but to be fair this P365 has well over 60,000 rounds through it. The recoil spring and guide rod was replaced at about 40,000 rounds but the SIG has seen a lot of range time. Having said that, the recoil on the Hellcat seemed to come straight back with a little less flip. I do like the sights and sight picture on both of these firearms, but I would have to say that I am a little more partial to the u-notch rear site on the Hellcat. In regards to the trigger, the P365 wins that battle hands down. The P365 has a crisp trigger with a clean break and the reset is much shorter than the Hellcats. I thought the trigger on the Hellcat was gritty with quite a bit of take up to the wall, and the reset seems a bit long. The trigger on the Hellcat is not terrible and it is comparable to a lot of stock striker fire triggers’. The P365 is just far superior in that aspect. I think the Hellcat is a step in the right direction for Springfield and I will say that it did run comparable to the P365 in a lot of ways. It’s just too early in the game for me to jump on that train. If the Hellcat were much cheaper than the P365, then perhaps but at the moment you can find a 365 for less and as I said earlier this P365 has over 60,000 rounds through it without a hiccup. I can only speak to my experience with the P365. I know they had issues early on in the release but this one has been flawless so it’s difficult for me to discount that reliability for the Hellcat at this point. After I’ve had 60,000 rounds through the Hellcat, maybe that will change but for now I’m going to stick with the P365.

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