Bullet and Barrel

The pursuit of a quality indoor range is a seemingly ceaseless endeavor. I visited Bullet and Barrel for the first time nearly a year ago. It was a little overwhelming at first. When you first enter the building you might get the impression that this is not a range but rather a boutique clothing store. Well, it is a boutique clothing store, but it is also a state of the art indoor range that boasts 19 lanes ranging from 15, 25, and 100 yards. They offer a variety of services from tux rentals and event hosting to gun sales and an in house gunsmith. In this review, however, I am going to focus on the range experience. I was politely greeted upon the entering the building by multiple staff members. Even the staff members that were engaged with other customers took a brief moment greet me and acknowledge that I was there. I was promptly asked if I had been there before and if I would like a tour of the facility. It is an impressive sight to see. All of the lanes are state of the art with digital controls. If you have spent time at an indoor shooting range, even with exceptional air filtration, there is still an acrid bite of gunpowder and lead. I was pleasantly surprised with the air quality in the range. After the tour, I embarked upon the Range Counter where I was once again pleasantly greeted. I signed the digital waiver, watched a brief safety video, and it was time to start dropping some brass. The Range Safety Officers were all extremely polite, helpful, and approachable. Robert, one of the RSOs, overheard me talking to my son about his grip and how it was impacting his accuracy. He came back with a chart and a rubber training gun. He gave my son a very detailed rundown on what he was doing wrong with his grip and how to fix his mechanics. When we wrapped up in the range we went to the customer service counter and I signed my son and myself up for an Executive Membership. I will say, at the time, the options for memberships were pretty heavy on the wallet. The monthly fees were not bad, but the upfront fees for my son and me totaled nearly $400. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, so I did not mind the price tag. I do understand that this could be a point of contention for some people. Since then, they have updated their model and now have Patriot Membership option that doesn't break the bank with high initial fees. Bullet and Barrel has become a second home for me at this point, and I have made several friends among the staff. I would highly recommend Bullet and Barrel for every shooter from the novice to the expert. I firmly believe, from my experience, that you will not find a better range or staff in this area. You may pay a little more for the experience, but it has been worth every cent.

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