Bullet And Barrel, Tactical Skills And Drills

So I just made it home from an adventure filled evening of tactical skills and drills brought to me by my local indoor range, here in the Rocket City, Bullet and Barrel. This was their first public event of this nature that was open to both members and non-members alike. The event fee was $20 for range members and $25 dollars for the general public. This specific tactical drills and skills event was for handguns only, but I do have it on good authority that a carbine tactical skills and drills event is in the works.

The event itself was a tremendous amount of fun. We were able to escape the mundane and average trip to the range and go forward of the firing lines. It was a great opportunity to run multiple drills and engage multiple targets. One of the drills included a scenario with a non-hostile, hostage, just to throw in another change of pace. The practice and experience of movement, tactical reloading, and potentially dealing with firearm malfunctions (a few occurred) in a live fire environment is an invaluable experience. The 2 hours spent on the range is more than worth the event fee.

I would also have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of people that participated in the event. The event was limited to only 10 participants, but you had everything from experienced competitive shooters to the everyday average enthusiast. So aside from being an event to test and build upon your small arms skills, it also presented a great social opportunity to connect with like-minded firearm enthusiasts. There were several people who I really enjoyed getting to know and shooting with as well as several other who I really enjoyed watching work their craft behind the triggers.

As I said earlier, this was Bullet and Barrels first event of this nature. The tactical skills and drills is early in its conception and I certainly believe that it will only improve in future events. I really appreciate the staff at Bullet and Barrel taking the time to discuss the event with us afterwards. This shows a commitment to improvement and their desire to provide a quality product to their customers. There were some great recommendations that I hope to see implemented in the next event. In closing, I will say that this skills and drills event left me chomping at the bits for the next one. So, while I patiently wait for the next date, I strongly recommend this event to you, and I hope that you too will keep an eye on Bullet and Barrel for the next one. I will most certainly be there and I hope you will come and shoot with me. Make sure you sign up quick because spaces are limited, stay frosty and keep shooting.

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