Don't Be Divided by the Political Battlefield

Let us stand united in the wake of the recent tragedies in El Paso and Dayton. We are too often divided in this Country by a volatile and contention filled political battlefield. It is difficult to understand and rationalize evil. For some it is far easier to blame an object, than it is to accept and process that a person is capable of such horrid actions. Ultimately, a gun is nothing more than a tool. Blaming the gun for a shooting is like blaming the car for a drunk driver. The inevitable gun control debates will continue to rage on and divide us. There are no simple answers or solutions. The law cannot prescribe morality nor can it legislate evil. Gun control will always be a turbulent topic with passionate people on both sides of the debate. We may not be able to agree on policy, but we can stand together in support of these communities and victims. We can rise above our differences and face the fear of domestic terror together.

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