Guns Are The New "Bread and Milk" Why The Industry Isn't Meeting The Demand

In 2020 we have seen record highs in gun ownership, record highs in new gun owners, and it doesn’t seem like companies can keep up with the demand. Why is that? Simply put, because they aren’t trying to.

Companies are not increasing production to meet the increased demand and the reason is….We are in an election year. The Biden and Harris presidential ticket creates huge question marks for the future of the firearms industry.

With all of the uncertainty, of this election year, companies are not tooling up to increase production to meet demands. Prior to the 2016 election, gun sales surged. Fear of tighter gun control laws and mass shootings resulted in record level sales then imploded, as fear subsided, following Trump’s election. Gun sales and stocks of some major firearms manufactures plummeted leading to layoffs. Companies are approaching with caution to avoid the same in 2020.

With issues and breakdowns in the supply chains, panic buying, and an inability to easily adjust to fluctuations in demand, it is simply not feasible for these companies to invest large sums of money to increase production. This is happening across the entire industry from top to bottom. Ammunition and firearms have become the new “bread and milk”.

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