Here Comes Mr. Big Guns!

I finally had the opportunity to check out Mr. Big Guns here in the heart of the Rocket City at 1650 Jordan Ln NW. If you reload your brass, Mr. Big Guns is reload heaven. They have what you need from powders to presses and everything in between. The reloading selection is pretty impressive and they carry some high quality powders. They have a nice selection of hunting and sporting rifles, and they carry a variety of uppers, lowers, and anything an AR builder might need as well. They have a firearm that can essentially meet any budget. You can find everything from a Hi-Point to a CZ sitting in those glass cases. The prices, from what I could see, were below MSRP, and I walked out with a Walther PPQ 5 Match for a great price. They offer bulk ammo, and the prices on the 9mm and .556 were comparable to bulk internet pricing and you don’t have to pay shipping.

Now, let us discuss the customer service. When I arrived, all of the staff was assisting other customers. However, they still took the time to acknowledge that I was there. I appreciate that level of service compared to some other shops that I’ve been in. All of the staff that I encountered were both polite and knowledgeable. They did not try to push a product or drive a sale, they simply offered assistance and were more than happy to answer any questions. I would also like to note that I did come back later that day for another purchase and I was greeted by name when I returned. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but it is that kind of personalized service will make me come back. I would highly recommend that you check out Mr. Big Guns and let them know that Rocket City Tactical sent you.

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