It's Called The Alpha, But Is It The Top Dog?

Today we took the range and had the opportunity to run the Arex Rex Alpha. The Rex Alpha is a 9MM, hammer fired, nitrocarburized steel framed, and recoil-operated semi-automatic firearm. It has a double stack magazine that boasts a 17+1 capacity. It comes stock with a rear, dove tailed, adjustable sight and a fiber optic front sight. The barrel length is 5 inches, and the overall length is 8.9 inches. It is 1.3 inches wide, and it is a heavier firearm coming in around 39 ounces. It is single and double action trigger pull. The double action pull is roughly 10.5 pounds, while the single action pull is closer to 3.5 pounds. The MSRP on this firearm is $1,099, but I have found them as low as $850.

The Arex Rex Alpha is not a budget defense firearm. This firearm wasn’t even developed with defense in mind. The Arex Alpha was designed for competition shooting to compete with the CZ Shadow, which heavily dominates the European Competition Shooting Circuit. Having been a fan of the CZ for some time, I wasn’t sure that I was going to like the Arex Alpha. How wrong was I, this is an absolutely fantastic firearm. The weight and the high beaver tail make recoil almost non-existent. The slide action is incredibly smooth, and overall ergonomics are simply amazing. The grip, even with the double stack magazine, is much narrower than the traditional double stack grip. It almost feels more like a 1911. The controls are easy to manipulate, and the magazine release and thumb safety are ambidextrous. The single action pull is less than 4 pounds, and it is incredibly clean. The reset is extremely short and you are able to get off a lot of accurate rounds with this firearm. This is a well manufactured firearm that was built with extremely tight tolerances. As such, maintenance is paramount. Tighter tolerance lead to greater accuracy, but you need to clean and oil on a regular basis to ensure that this type of firearm runs reliably. I was, easily, getting 5 round groups in less than an inch up to 15 yards. I realize that we typically focus on self-defense budget firearms, and the price tag on the Rex Alpha might look a bit steep. Having said that, the MSRP on this firearm compared to other competition style firearms that give similar results, this gun is an absolute steal at almost 1/3 of the prices of some of its competitors. I really loved this firearm, and the overall shooting experience. Even if you are not a competition shooter, this is still a tremendous firearm. It would, in no way, be ideal for concealed carry but it could certainly be a viable open carry or home defense option. There are absolutely more budget friendly options in terms of self and home defense, but this is one of those examples where you get you pay for. The Arex, in my opinion, would be a great defensive tool.

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