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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Overall, the selection and some of the sale prices are tough to beat on both firearms and ammo. They have everything from lower end to higher end firearms. The center aisle of the floor is stacked full of ammo waste high. The back walls and glass cases are filled to the brim with firearms and accessories. The range is nothing flashy or state of the art, but it is functional. The range filtration is adequate, but you’ll smell the burnt powder and I am not sure how “climate controlled” it is. The range seems pretty hot in summers and cold in the winters. The first target is free and additional targets are extra. The small targets are 25 cents and each range stall has metal clips to hang unused targets. The stalls also include black target patches to increase the life of the targets. The range fee is $10 and minors shoot free with an accompanying adult. You must be 21 years or older to rent a handgun, and 19 or older to rent a rifle. Hearing and eye protection is provided if you don’t have any, and they offer specials on various days for military, law enforcement, women, and first responders.

In my visits I have had mixed experiences. The one constant is an apparent lack of overall enthusiasm from the employees. If you’re coming to Larry’s for anything, be prepared to wait. I have had several occasions when I have stood at the counter with a box of ammo, waiting to check out, for more than 15 minutes, while employee after employee walked by. They may win the battle on volume pricing, but the overall customer experience is certainly lacking. I have bought four firearms in total from Larry’s, and with each purchase I felt as if I had to force someone to assist me. If you are looking to make a purchase there, you certainly need to announce your presence and intention. If you stand there politely waiting for someone to ask if they can help you, you’ll wait all day. The overrun and blemished ammo is well priced, but it is hit or miss. For example, the 9MM ammo I purchased was in white, nondescript, boxes. The first time I bought them all 350 rounds were brass casings. The second time I bought them, they were all aluminum casings. After opening the box and realizing they were aluminum casings, I scoured the tag info on the box looking for some indication of the casing type, there was none. Not a huge issue for me because I use brass, steel, and aluminum casing ammo when I do my firearm reviews. However, this might be a potential issue for you. So be aware of this when looking at the, nondescript, white bulk ammo boxes.

The Range Safety Officers are a bit on the crass side. They can come off as rude and condescending. While I did not, personally, have a bad experience with the Range Safety Officers, I do feel like I should note some negative reviews. Most other reviews that I have read, primarily from women, seem to provide a negative and alienating narrative towards women. With one woman stating, “She would only come back on Wednesdays because women shoot for free”. Another recent review from five months ago, “I went here today in hopes of exercising my 2nd amendment and as a beginner, to learn further how to use a variety of guns but both range masters, Don and Rick, were incredibly rude and belittled me as a woman who just wants to learn to protect herself. They laughed in my face and treated me like a child when all I wanted was to learn. Otherwise, the rest of the staff was very polite and it is a nice establishment but because of those two men, I will definitely not be coming back”. Another issue for me is the range waiver process. You have to fill out a range waiver at every single visit. Nearly every modern range, other than this one, has some form of digital waiver process. Most of which are good for up to a year. If you are like me and you visit the range 3 or more times a week, this quickly becomes a cumbersome process. I literally made copies of the range waiver to keep at home so I could fill it out in advance. I would also note that I did go to this range 2 to 3 times a week for nearly a year, and I felt like a stranger every time I went in there. While I am sure the staff recognized me, they made no effort to get to know me, as a regular customer.

If you are experienced with firearms, you have done your research, and you know exactly what you are looking for than Larry’s will, more than likely, have a competitive price. As I said earlier, it is hit or miss in regards to the overrun and blemished ammo. Aside from that, the ammo prices are right around average, but you can find some decent deals from time to time. The range is inexpensive and functional but the overall customer service is lacking, at best. I wouldn’t recommend Larry’s to the first time buyer or shooter. I simply don’t feel like a first time buyer or shooter is going to get the individual attention that they deserve. Making that first firearm purchase is a big decision and you should ask a lot of questions to find the firearm that is right for you. For a first time buyer or shooter, I would recommend finding a retailer that is going to focus more on you and your needs as the customer. I simply don’t feel, from my experiences over the past few years, that Larry’s is that place. They seemingly have enough foot traffic that they don't feel the need to care about customer retention. Your money might buy a firearm at Larry's but it won't buy you customer service. Stay frosty and keep shooting!

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