Lt. Dan's Pawn Shop

We’ve all heard the metaphorical idiom, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Lt. Dan’s Pawn Shop is a perfect example. This little pawn shop, nestled into a tiny shopping center on Winchester Road here in the Rocket City, doesn’t appear to be much from the outside. I went in, with low expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised. This little shop offers a lot of big bang. Most of what I could see, in the racks and glass cases, were reasonably priced mid-range to budget firearms. The overall selection was much greater than anticipated, and Dan is more than happy to order something for you if he doesn’t have it in stock. I review firearms, many of which I have to purchase. So, I was absolutely thrilled to find this unexpected little gem so close to my own backyard. I have worked with Dan and his associate on multiple occasions now, most recently offloading some firearms that I have picked up in my review rotation. We worked out a great trade for a Smith & Wesson M&P 15, and Dan had previously ordered a Mossberg 715T for me. He has some optics, in house, but the selection is sparse. So if you are in the market for optics, Dan can order it to accommodate you, but you’ll probably have to wait on delivery. The overall prices, both buying and selling, are fair. I can tell, from working with Dan, that he values customer retention and repeat business. He also has some pretty good pricing on his holsters and other accessories. The only negative would be the ammo pricing. The ammo is on the higher side of the MSRP. This is, unfortunately, something that smaller shops like this have to deal with. Ammo pricing is typically driven by sales volume, and these smaller shops simply don't push enough volume to bring those ammo prices down. With Walmart stopping the sales of handgun and short ranged barrel ammo, Lt. Dan’s would be a great local option for the Chase, New Market, Ashland, Moores Mill, and Mt Carmel community. You’ll get great customer service while providing support for a locally owned business. I am certain the ammo prices can be decreased by increasing the sales volume. So, if you are out in the area, I would strongly recommend giving Lt. Dan's a visit. Stay frosty and keep shooting.

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