Shooting on a Budget (More Bang for the Buck)

Shooting on a budget, for most average people, is a struggle. Let's face it, we are not all sponsored shooters that have ammunition companies throwing brass at us to wear their logos. So if you are new to shooting or you just want increase your range time, how can we do this and not break the bank? What I am about to tell you may sound silly, but stick with me. Once you have selected the firearm that is right for you, consider buying an additional .22 caliber or CO2 air gun in the same platform. Almost all of the major manufactures offer their platforms in a .22 caliber and CO2 version. Trust me, I know it is an additional purchase but it will pay for itself quickly with the money you will save on ammunition. These guns are almost identical to their higher caliber counter parts in both dimensions and weight. So transitioning back and forth feels familiar and natural. This will allow you to get more range and practice time in without killing your bank account. Shooting is a learned and diminishing skill. If you do not practice consistently your skills will deteriorate over time. The practice that you put in with the lower caliber model can absolutely be extrapolated to the larger caliber. Additionally, I found with my son and daughter, working with the lower caliber and CO2 models helped tremendously with recoil anticipation. One other suggestion is to buy in bulk. Make sure you shop around as well. Some sites offer free shipping on bulk ammo orders and you can typically get some decent 9mm target rounds for about 17 cents per round. You also have the option of reloading your spent brass casings, but that is an entirely different animal all together. I hope you found this helpful. Please feel free to leave comments and questions.

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