The Beretta APX, Win The Fight!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Today we took to the range to run the Beretta APX chambered in 9mm. The APX is a striker fired, polymer framed, double stack, firearm that boasts 17 +1 capacity. The aggressive grip texturing and overall ergonomics make for a pleasurable overall shooting experience. The APX is a bit different, aesthetically, than what we’ve come to expect from Beretta. The low bore axis and manageable recoil makes for some pretty tight groupings. It is easy to acquire and stay on target with rapid follow up shots. The trigger pull is exceptional in this firearm. The pull weight is around the 6 pound average for defensive duty triggers. The break is clean and crisp and the reset is short. The reset is also audible and tactile. The APX is certainly a viable option and they seemingly have a variant to meet any need. Don’t sleep on the APX.

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