The Colt Commander Lightweight 1911, Precision Defined!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

The Colt Commander Lightweight 1911 is a 9MM hammer fired, aluminum alloy framed firearm. The barrel length is 4.25” and the overall length is 7.75”. The height is 5.5” and the width is 1.25”. The single stack magazine holds 9 rounds giving this firearm a 9+1 capacity. It comes stock with Novak front sights and Novak low mount carry rear notch. The single action trigger pull is a crisp 3.5 to 4 pounds. The average cost of this firearm is roughly $949.

Full disclosure, the 1911 is one of my favorite platforms. It amazes me that a platform designed over a century ago is still so viable today. The ergonomics of this firearm, in my opinion, border on perfection. The thumb safety is perfectly located and the grip safety forces you to get a good purchase on the firearm and reinforces good grip mechanics. The low bore axis and the overall weight of the firearm make the recoil extremely light. The tight tolerances make for an extremely accurate firearm and the trigger is simply amazing. The trigger on the 1911 platform extremely forgiving. For all of the amazing things that this platform and this firearm have to offer, it is not without its trade offs. The 1911 requires a lot more care and maintenance than many of today’s striker fired pistols. They have less capacity, higher weight, and are not as easily concealable. So, I am not going to tell you to run and buy a 1911 today. However, if a 1911 fits your needs and budget, you certainly cannot go wrong with this Colt Commander Lightweight. It is available in both 9MM and 45 ACP. Stay frosty and keep shooting.

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