The Glock 43X, Perfecting Concealed Carry?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Full disclosure, I am not a “Glock Guy”. While I do appreciate the brand and the level of reliability and dependability that it represents, I am simply not big on the Glock’s ergonomics. Today we got our hands on the Glock 43X, and we had the opportunity to run this firearm at our local range Bullet and Barrel here in Huntsville, Alabama. The Glock 43X is a single stack, 9mm, striker fired pistol. It is 6.5 inches in overall length, 1.1 inches in width, weighs in around 18.7 ounces, and sports a 10 round capacity. The trigger pull is right at the industry standard for a striker fire pistol, between 5.5 to 7 pounds. The trigger is crisp, has very little take up, and it has a clean break. The reset is about average, and it is both audible and tactile. It has wide, well defined, and easy to grip front and rear slide serrations. I am a press check guy, so I do appreciate front slide serrations. The grip texturing is comfortable, and the Glock 43X just doesn’t feel like a compact firearm. Even with larger hands you can still get a comfortable purchase. Some of the concerns, with any compact firearm, are recoil management, muzzle flip, and accuracy. I felt like this gun ran very well. For me, it didn’t feel like a compact firearm. It was well balanced and had a great overall sight picture. There was very little muzzle flip, and the recoil was easily managed. This gun is extremely accurate, and it is only going to be limited by the operator’s capability. My overall experience with this gun was exceptional. If there is anything negative that I can say about the Glock 43X, it would be that I wish they would have extended the slide lock/release just a bit. For me, it could have been easier to manipulate, but that is in no way a deal breaker. This might very well be the first Glock that I have purchased, and as I said in beginning of this review “I am not a Glock Guy”. The Glock 43X certainly looks like it will be the beginning of a new relationship between Glock and me.

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