The Importance of Weak Hand Shooting

Weak hand shooting, or who shooting (weak hand only) is an underrated and often neglected skill in the self-defense world. I have to admit that it is a skill that I am guilty of neglecting myself. After nearly two months of not running weak hand drills, I decided that today was the day. The decline in my ability from only two months of neglect was staggering. What makes weak hand drills so important? Having the ability to draw and shoot with your weak hand could be the skill that saves your life in a deadly force encounter. In a self-defense situation you are reactionary and already behind the curve. Even if you were actively aware of pre-incident indicators, and you had a response already queued, you would still be behind the curve. Taking this into consideration, you have to account for the potential that you may have already sustained injuries. If you don’t have any competent ability with your weak hand, you are diminishing your odds of surviving the encounter.

One simple drill to help you become more confident with weak hand shooting is the “Bill Drill” that was developed by Bill Wilson. With your strong hand in a fist on your chest, or behind your back, bring your firearm to the ready position with your weak hand. Fire six rounds at seven yards. The par time is 3.5 seconds, but I would recommend working on accuracy first and speed second. Ideally, you would run this drill alternating between both your strong and weak hands. The overall goal is to achieve some level of competency shooting one handed with both your weak and strong hands. I would also strongly recommend shooting from non-traditional stances and positions. The Isosceles, the Chapman, and the Weaver are all great for ideal conditions and circumstances. However, we may not have the luxury of ideal conditions and circumstances. So give the “Bill Drill” a shot, and work on getting comfortable shooting from non-traditional positions. Stay frosty and keep shooting!

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