The M&P Shield EZ 9 Has Its Place, It Just Isn't With Me.

The M&P Shield EZ 9 certainly has its place, it just isn't with me. The overall ergonomics of this firearm are nice. You have well defined rear slide serrations and some small serrations on the front of the slide. The high beaver tail allows for a nice purchase on the firearm and it has a low bore axis. I, personally, like the sand paper like grip texturing on the M&P 2.0 line, and the recoil is extremely manageable. I was expecting a bit more punch due to the light tension springs that make it an EZ, easy to load and rack. In reality, the recoil was not much greater than its .380 counterpart. Where I take issue with this firearm is the trigger. This is also where I took issue with the .380. The break is clean and there is very little take up to the wall. However, the travel in the reset in nearly the entire the travel of the trigger itself. For someone, like me, who like an audible and tactile trigger reset this trigger fails to deliver. Of course the trigger pull and subjective and I realize that not everyone shares my preference. Having said that, this firearm is for those people who are already in love with the .380 and just want something with a little more punch.

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