The Rimfire Resurgence

Take a look in nearly any gun safe and you will find a firearm chambered in 22LR. With the rising demand of ammo, costs have hit record highs while availability has hit record lows. This has impacted everyone from the recreational and sport shooters to the average enthusiasts. With 9MM reaching well over .30 cents around and some rifle calibers reaching well over $1 a round it is no surprise that we are seeing an increase in .22LR use. This ammo shortage has impacted the reloading industry as well. While it is still cheaper to reload many calibers, we have seen the prices of powders and primers increase.

You can find a .22 caliber variant of most major platforms. Even Glock has recently released the Glock 44. I know that many people were disappointed and hoping for a PC Carbine, but I was content to finally have a .22 variant in the Glock platform. The .22LR provides a cost efficient way to supplement your range time, and it is still widely available in bulk. Don’t sacrifice your training and range time, supplement it. As always, stay frosty and keep shooting.

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