The Russian Connection

Hunting, fishing, and camping are very popular activities in the United States. Perhaps the most important tool for such activities, is the knife. A knife can cut small branches and create tinder for a fire. They can be tremendously helpful in preparing food or cleaning game, among other things. There are many options out there on the market, and we recently came across some offerings from a family owned and operated company that imports a variety of brands from Russia. Many of us, in the United States, are probably familiar with names such as Buck, Cold Steel, or Kershaw. However, we have likely never gotten the opportunity to use A&R, Medved, Nord Crown, or Kizlyar... just to name a few. These small companies produce, high quality and stunningly beautiful, cutting tools that we're certain would get the attention of even the most demanding outdoorsman.

So, what are these blades made of? Z60CDV14, 95X18, X12F.....Does that help? Yeah, we didn't think so. To sum it up, these are excellent stainless metals, comparable to 440C, D2 or 154CM. Oh, and did we mention Damascus? These handles are made out of natural materials such as leather, and exotic woods like Bubinga, Wenge, Hornbeam, and Birch. Many of these blades include leather sheaths, that are not only beautiful but functional. These blades are truly the complete package, and a must have for any outdoorsman and survivalist. No bug-out bag is complete without a great blade.

One of our contributors has been using these knives for a quite some time now, and the performance and craftsmanship of these blades garner a tremendous level of respect and appreciation. You will get the beauty of a high end collectible blade, the functionality that will rival any blade on the market, and all at a price that you simply cannot beat. Some of these blades are nearly one third the cost of comparable knives. At this price it would be easy to get yourself one or more, we promise you won't regret it!

These knives are locally available at Bullet and Barrel in The Rocket City, Huntsville Al. or online at Bullet and Barrel or

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