The Smith & Wesson SD9VE, 9MM Stud Or Budget Dudd?

Today we took a look at the Smith & Wesson SD9VE. This 9MM polymer framed, double stacked, striker fired pistol has a 16+1 capacity. It is roughly 7.2 inches in overall length, 1.29 inches in overall width, with a 4 inch barrel, and it weighs in around 22.7 ounces. The MSRP on this firearm is $389 but we have found it for as low as $225. In terms of the dimensions and aesthetics the SD series strongly resembles a Glock. It resembled a Glock so much that the company sued Smith & Wesson over the initial Sigma release of this firearm. So, essentially, you can get a firearm that resembles a Glock without the Glock grip angle. Overall, the firearm is comfortable to shoot. I enjoyed the ergonomics and the grip texturing. The controls were easy to manipulate, and I even grew quite fond of the textured fingerprint indention on the frame. I am press check guy so front slide serrations are always a plus for me. The recoil and muzzle flip was more than manageable in the full sized frame. In our initial testing we ran nearly 2,000 rounds of varying grains and casings. We had no issues with the brass or steel casing, but we did have some feeding and ejection issues with the Federal Aluminum Casing. The traditional three dot sight system provides a nice sight picture, and the accuracy is there if you can adjust to the trigger. The trigger is where I had issues with this firearm. The pull weight is right at the industry average of 6 pounds. However, there is a tremendous amount of travel and take up. The pull is extremely long, and it feels like a heavier double action pull. I had a pretty large spread in my initial groupings until I acclimated to the trigger. Once acclimated, I was able to bring my groups in and improve my overall accuracy. There is considerable travel in the trigger reset as well. In my opinion, I think this is a good, entry level, budget firearm. The stock trigger might even be beneficial in helping new shooters combat recoil anticipation. Conversely, an experienced shooter is more than likely going to hate this trigger system. Having said that, an aftermarket trigger job is relatively inexpensive so I would not rule this firearm out. With an aftermarket trigger you could potentially have an amazing duty sized firearm and still say well within a tight budget.

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