The Taurus G2C, Is It The Best Sub $200 Firearm On The Market?

Today we had the opportunity to take a look at the Taurus G2C. The Taurus G2C is a compact 9MM, polymer framed, striker fired pistol. The barrel length is 3.25 inches. It has an overall length of 6.24 inches, height of 5 inches, width of 1.25 inches, and it comes in at around 22 ounces. It has a traditional 3 dot sight system, with a rear adjustable sight. The trigger pull is roughly 6 pounds, which is right around the industry standard for striker fired pistols. The MSRP is listed at $315, but you can easily find this firearm for less than $200. The grip texturing is not bad, but I prefer a more aggressive texture. There are no front slide serrations, but the rear slide serrations are well defined, and there is a small front accessory rail. The high beaver tail creates a low bore axis and the recoil is extremely manageable. The 12+1 capacity also makes this an intriguing compact option. The ergonomics and the controls, in my opinion, are more than comfortable. The thumb safety, slide lock, and magazine release were easy to manipulate for compact frame. Some of the additional ergonomic features, such as the thumb notch on the grip and finger indentations are the frame, were pleasant surprises as well. I have some mixed opinions on the overall shooting experience. I feel like the accuracy is there, my groups were inside of 2 inches at 7 yards. One interesting feature in the G2C, that is not common in striker fire pistols, is the double-strike sear. So, for example, if you have a light primer strike and the round doesn’t discharge. The double-strike sear allows you to pull the trigger and strike the primer for a second time before needing to tap and rack the firearm. I really liked this feature. For me, there is quite a bit of travel in the trigger pull, and in the reset. I felt like the break was clean, but be prepared for some take up in that trigger before the wall. Ultimately the trigger pull is subject to personal preferences. If you are a newer shooter, it probably won’t matter much to you. My son, who is a relatively new shooter, said he loved the trigger and the overall shooting experience. Now, let’s talk about my issues with this firearm. To produce a budget firearm, such as this one, costs need to be cut wherever possible. The recoil spring is mounted on a plastic guide rod. This, in my opinion, creates an increased risk for failure and dramatically decreases the lifespan of the guide rod. I have found examples online where, over time, the recoil spring has come over the plastic guide rod rendering the firearm inoperable. Ultimately, I think the Taurus G2C is a good budget option, but I would strongly recommend ordering a steel guide rod to replace the plastic one as soon as possible. I simply wouldn’t bet my life on that plastic guide rod, and you can get a steel one for roughly $30. If you are in need of a, low cost, and compact firearm, the Taurus G2C might fit that need. Just consider replacing that plastic guide rod. Stay frosty and keep shooting.

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